About The Company

Vaultra Energy Solutions is an end to end rooftop solar solutions provider for residential, commercial and industrial consumers. Our web platform makes it very convenient for anyone to switch to solar energy without any hassle. Besides the best quality products and installation services through its empanelled network across India, Vaultra Energy also provides easy access to solar loans and other financing alternatives for our customers together with facilitating subsidy wherever applicable.

Aman Tiwari, Co-Founder

B.Tech. Electrical Engineer from IIT Kanpur, ex-investment banker at JP Morgan with experience in marketing analytics.

Gautam Chokhani, Co-founder

Economics graduate from IIT Kanpur, Chartered Financial Analyst with experience as Investment Banker.

Ameya Sathe, COO

Electrical & Material Science Engineer from IIT Kanpur, with experience in solar PV research at University of Tokyo and real estate development across Maharashtra